Christmas Day Special: Santa – the delivery guy!


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Being the twelve and final installment for ifoundsantatoday, before i pull down the curtains I wanted to do something magical. As being true to this blog’s slogan “creating magical moments in someone lives.”

With my raw hamper packing skills, I have put together two gift baskets filled with groceries and some candy to delight the less priviledge children of those on the breadline family.

Getting all set and baskets loaded up in the car boot. We make our way to a housing apartment in one of the mature estates of Singapore. The residents profile comprises of the very low income earners and destitutes.

As we offloaded the baskets from the car boot, my little girl wanted to help me with one of the baskets which weigh about half a fraction of her weight. We headed for the lift and ask my girl to pick a floor. She looked surprised but I can tell she is enjoying. When the lift door opened, I requested for her to pick any unit of her choice.

We walked to the unit of her choice, I knocked on the door, a lady in her 50s looked over her half open wooden door. I wished her Merry Christmas and told her I am the delivery guy to deliver the gift to her sent by someone, she gladly open her door and thank us many times.

We did the same for the second gift basket.

As we leave the block, I gave my little girl a high-five for blessing the people with the gifts!

As we drove off, I felt a sense of fullfilment in my soul. This is the best Christmas Gift I had!


** I would like to thank ifoundmoneytoday for the inspiration for me to start this blog. Any many thanks to the readers for your support! May we all keep on PAYING IT FORWARD in anyway we choose, most importantly is to have fun!!

Because 1 good deed can turn into 3. And 3 good deeds can turn into 9. And 9 good deeds can turn into a movement!!

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. – Tony Robbins